Everyday Workplace English

That Works For Your Business


In today's high tech work environment, the language for global communication is International English. Professionals working in such an environment need to be able to communicate as well as write efficiently and effectively. True Network Sdn Bhd offers an attractive Everyday English speaking and business-writing course that is communicative, and emphasizes the importance of conversation as well as acquiring writing skills in the business context.

Participants' accuracy and proficiency in the spoken and written English language are developed through monitored training that exposes learners to the latest issues in today's business world and uses this knowledge to develop language use and competency.

Course Objective

The objective of this English Training Program is to:

· Prepare executives with the language skills

· Improve interpersonal communication skills

· Listen and speak effectively on matters related to client management

· Better understand information related to their field of work

· Improve writing skills – memos, e-mails, letters and reports

· Expose participants to various situations they are likely to encounter in their daily work

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Learning Outcomes

Participants learn how to manipulate language and functional skills to communicate and write effectively in a Malaysian business environment.

  • Participants practice speaking and listening in a variety of common formal and informal business situations
  • Participants learn vocabulary language development, Malaysian business etiquette and cultural influences
  • Participants will focus on communication strategies and vocabulary
  • Learn consonant and vowel sounds
  • Participants learn how stress and intonation affect a person's ability to understand what is said

· Fine tune the language used at the workplace in order to project a professional image

· Awareness of errors that we commonly make and learn the correct version

· Write concise and effective business documents in English

· Awareness of English grammar rules

· Be aware of and understand the style, tone and use of appropriate language in business communication

  • Learn the formats and structures used in current business writing

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