THE 1310 Section 3

Intro to Theatre, TR 9:30 TA Micah Haynes

You do not need a text book for this class! Do not buy a Book!

If you have purchased a book, please return it ASAP! All readings for this course are internet based.


There will be 3 tests in this course each making up for 15% of your grade. They are open note. Notes for every lecture are available online. Stay awake in class and you will do fine!

There will be 2 Projects each worth %15- a Group Project and a Partner Project

The next %15 is Attendance. Each class you miss will be 5 points off this grade.

The final 10% is a Performance Review. As a student enrolled in this course you are required to see our Spring Show-Clear your calendar! Tickets are available for $5 at 903-886-5900 between 1-5 M-F.

Grading Scale

The following grading scale will be used to determine all individual grades as well as the student’s overall grade in the course:

  1. A 90%-100%

  2. B 80%-89%

  3. C 70%-79%

  4. D 60%-69%

5. F 0%-59%

Communication and Support

Please feel free to visit me during my office hours at any time during the semester. I am here to help! If you can’t make my office hours due to a scheduling conflict, please set up an appointment with me. It is not an imposition. I am here to assist you in success and will do my best to help you achieve it. Talk to me! The easiest and most reliable way to contact me is via email. I check it fairly frequently. Please do not leave a message for me in the main department office.

If you do not make the first fifteen minutes of class, you will not be counted present.

Course Description and Learning Outcomes

This course surveys varying aspects of theatre, including but not limited to: literature, production, and the crafts of the actor. This is a University Studies course that involves critical thinking, writing, and intercultural comparisons. This course draws upon several interdisciplinary concerns in discussing the collaborative nature of the art of theatre.

By the end of this semester, the student will make progress on

gaining factual knowledge (terminologies, classifications, methods, and trends). developing skills in expressing oneself orally or in writing.

developing creative capacities.

Please keep a copy of all assignments. They will lose a letter grade each class day they are late.

Last few things...

EXTRA CREDIT: As a general rule, there is no extra credit offered in this class – please, do not even ask. In the rare circumstance that an opportunity for extra credit arises, this will be announced to the entire class.

ADAPTATION OF ASSIGNMENTS: Due to the fluid nature of this class, some assignments/scheduling may need to be adapted. All changes will be announced prior to implementation.

FOOD, DRINK, AND GUM: Please do not bring food or drinks into the classroom at any time (exception: you may bring bottled water with you to class). Gum may not be chewed when participating in warm-ups/performance activities.

Course Schedule-all materials are accessible via eCollege

1/20 Week 1-Intro, Th History

1/27 Week 2-Theatre Spaces & Audience, Dramatic Structure

2/3 Week 3-Playwrights, Directors

2/10 Week 4-Test #1, Acting

2/17 Week 5-Design-Partner Project, Theatre Production

3/24 Week 6-Theatre Production cont'd.

3/3 Week 7-Present Sound Design Projects

3/10 Week 8-Test #2, Thursday no class!

Spring Break 3/17 & 3/19

3/24 Week 9-The Critic-Perf Review, Theatre and Film

3/31 Week 10-Musical Theatre

4/6 Week 11-Musical Theatre cont'd., Test #3

4/13 Week 12-Project Assigned, Script Work

4/20 Week 13-Script Work, Script Due via email No Class!

4/27 Week 14-Rehearsal

5/6 Week 15-Dress Rehearsals

5/8 Week 16-Final Performances