Thursday's Thoughts

November 30, 2017

"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." -J.K. Rowling

Improving our Craft

I have loved talking with many of you about guided reading and all that we are learning to grow our readers. It has been exciting to hear how many of you enjoy your time with your students in guided reading and how using our new knowledge of phonics instruction is helping our students to decode. I just know that we are going to see TREMENDOUS growth as a result of our consistency and instruction during guided reading time. We are going to meet during the first two weeks in January to look at the students we targeted for our SLO's. This will allow us about four weeks of daily instruction in guided reading before we meet. Remember that we are learning together. Let's lean on one another if we see issues in our groups or need help.

Masquerade Ball

Don't forget to plan to decorate your mask for the ball December 4th. We will meet in Heather's room to get our art on!

Monday, December 4th

We will have all of the 4K teachers in the district along with all of the reading coaches and Jennifer Brown in our building Monday. They will be meeting in the library and then visiting Laura's room.

Classroom Christmas Parties

If you have not already done so, please begin planning your Christmas parties. Parties will begin at 1:30 on the 15th.

Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 1st: Interventionists meeting at 10:00

Dec. 4th: Decorate masks after school

Dec. 6th: Chorus to nursing home to sing

Dec. 7th: Sandra Goff during planning

Dec. 14th: 5th grade volleyball game

Dec. 14th: Masquerade Ball

Dec. 15th: Last student day and Christmas parties

Dec. 18th: Faculty Christmas party

Happy Friday!