Drug Addiction

Memoirs about the struggles of drug abuse

We All Fall Down

This is a heartfelt memoir about young Nic, who is in and out of rehabilitation centers. He explains his struggle to get clean and find a purpose in his life. Nic has to choose between what he believes is right for him and what his family, friends and peers think.


This is life changing memoir about young Mia and her mother's trials while dealing with drug abuse. Mia is a young runaway who has become addicted to drugs and seeks redemption. Claire, Mia's mother deals with her past of misery and then relives it again through her daughter.
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Tweak is a touching yet disturbing memoir of Nic Sheff. Throughout the novel Nic battles with an ongoing drug problem and faces many relapses over the years. He struggles with insecurities and morals.
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