Camp News

December 29, 2015

January 8th Weekly Test Info


  1. jewel
  2. kingdom
  3. gasoline
  4. factory
  5. garage
  6. tropical
  7. pajamas
  8. estimate
  9. tomorrow
  10. humidity
  11. Chicago
  12. bulletin
  13. carnival
  14. illustrate
  15. elegant
  16. census
  17. terrific
  18. celebrate
  19. operate
  20. celery
  21. rehearsal
  22. salamander
  23. prominent
  24. significant
  25. parakeet


    1. applauds
    2. fabulous
    3. project
    4. browsing
    5. inspecting



    We will be reviewing long division when we get back in. We will also be learning division with decimals, and writing remainders as decimals.

    Greek and Latin Roots pro-

    This test will be on January 11th

    1. probable (adj)- likely; likely to move in a positive direction
    2. proceed (v)- to move forward; to go; to follow through with an idea or plan
    3. projectile (n)- a forward-moving object that was thrown or self-powered
    4. prolong (v)- to draw out; to make something moving forward last longer
    5. promotion (n)- a movement forward in a company; a movement up into a better position in a job
    6. propel (v)- to cause to move forward
    7. prospect (n)- the act of looking forward in anticipation of something to come
    8. protest (v)- to forward a complaint, objection, or display of unwillingness

    The Unit 2 Test Class Average was an 86%. They did a great job!

    Just some photos from Disney

    I missed you guys...

    Seriously, being away for a week and two extra days was great time with my family. However, I love teaching. I also missed being with you guys and often found myself wondering how you all were faring while I was away. I hope you are well rested and ready to return for learning. Did you watch a Star Wars movie? Did you spend time with your family? That's probably the most important thing to do over break. So if you haven't, please make time for your parents. See you all soon!


    Mrs. B.