Less Homework

By:Greyson King,Spencer Marrow,Jorden Torres,and Diego Gomez

Why we need less homework

Children from school already have too much on their hands. With sports, out of school activities, and family events, they don't need more stress because of homework. Kids want to spend time with their family, and not staying up all night doing homework. They also want to play with their sports teams, and not be missing games because you have homework.


The solution is obvious, less homework. When kids get home from sports or family activities, its usually late. They only have a few hours to get their homework done and they still need a good nights rest. If you stay up until 10:00 pm doing homework, you will only get about 7-8 hours of sleep. The human body needs at least 9-11 hours of resting, or else the next day you show up to school tired without any energy to get through the day. Another solution would be to have a designated time during class for extra homework. The last 20 minutes of class would be a good time for kids to do the homework that they need to do before they leave school.