Cottonwood Creek Cougar Chronicle

August 2020

Message from the Principal, Mrs. Katie Johnson

Dear Cottonwood Creek Families,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. I hope this CCCC finds you all healthy and safe. As we return back to school next week, I want to acknowledge the fact that many of us will return with mixed emotions. However, as a Cougar family, I know we will come together and make the most of the situation we are in. It is important to remember that there are different perspectives, values , feelings and experiences that we all bring to Cottonwood Creek; it is that very thing that makes us the Cougar family. We will continue to work together to make this another year full of opportunities for students to connect, engage and learn.

This year will be unlike any year in the past. Not only are we living through the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is a growing awareness of the racial inequalities and injustices in our country. In Cherry Creek School District, we are committed to deepening our understanding of these issues and addressing them. Our staff will continue to provide a safe space for all our students to be the very best version of themselves.

As we enter this school year, a year full of unknowns and change, I am glad to be here with you - the Cougar Family. It is together that we will make this another great school year for your children, our staff and our community.

Much appreciation,

Katie Johnson, Principal

Phase In Week: August 17th-21st

In an effort to provide support to students and staff and to ensure that everyone

understands safety protocols, we will implement a gradual return to school based on the

following schedule. This schedule provides three days for Kindergarten assessments, which will be completed Monday-Wednesday.

Monday, August 17th: 5th grade only

Tuesday, August 18th: 4th grade only

Wednesday, August 19th: 3rd grade only

Thursday, August 20th: 2nd grade only

Friday, August 21st: Kindergarten/1st grades only

Your child will only attend school one day next week based on the schedule above. Please know that bus service will be provided along with our Before and After Care program. If you have questions about our Before and After Care Program, please contact our B&A Director, Karen Spears ( Please know you must be registered by 12:00pm the day before and attending in-person learning at Cottonwood Creek to join our Before and After Care Program. This program is also capped at 30 students due to physical distancing requirements.

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Should I send my child to school?

Parents will soon have access to an app as a temperature and symptom check before sending

their children to school. Please use this app to determine if you should send your child to school. This app will also be used by staff to determine if they should come to work.

Information about this app will be shared as soon as it is available.

If your child is going to be absent, please call our attendance line at 720-554-3295. It is helpful if you can make this call by 7:45am on the day of your child's absence.

Physical Distancing, Cohorting and Masks

Physical distancing/Cohort distancing will be implemented throughout the school day to the greatest extent possible. Our students will be cohorted by classroom for a majority of the school day. Our teachers have worked hard to remove non-essential furniture from their classrooms to allow more space for physical distancing.

All staff and students are required to wear masks daily except for lunch, snack, recess and during strong physical activity. During those times, we will continue to implement physical distancing to the greatest extent possible. We will manage this in a developmentally appropriate manner and our district has provided videos to ensure all of our staff and students are trained appropriately on how to wear their masks.

Students who decide not to comply - we will first work with individual students to educate them on the requirement to wear a mask in the Cherry Creek Schools; second, we will provide official documentation of the requirement and provide a final warning; finally we will transfer the student from in-person to 100% online school if they continue to make the choice not to comply with the requirement to wear a mask. Communication with the parents will be a critical part of this entire process.

Breakfast Form

Please complete the form below to let us know if your child will be eating breakfast at Cottonwood this week. If you have more than one child in the school, please complete the form for each child.

Soft Start Arrival and Breakfast

We have created a student arrival plan and have included our entrance map to maximize physical distancing and cohort distancing as students arrive in the morning. Students should not arrive on campus prior to 7:45am. At 7:45am, Cottonwood Creek staff will open and monitor the entrances to ensure that students have a mask before entering the building. Classroom teachers will be in their classrooms ready to greet students. When students arrive, they will hang up their backpacks and coats then follow the classroom handwashing plan.

Breakfast: Breakfast will be delivered to the classroom. Students who eat breakfast at school will do so in the classroom. Until we have a better idea of how many students will eat breakfast at school, we would like to ask families to complete the brief survey above to let us know which days your child will be eating breakfast at Cottonwood Creek the week of August 24-28th (if any). If you have more than one child in the school, please complete the form for each child. This form is temporary.

Walkers: We have a large percentage of families who walk their children to school. This is part of what makes Cottonwood Creek an exciting place in the mornings. Please help us keep our staff, students and community safe by wearing your masks and socially distancing. Please do not arrive on campus prior to 7:45am. Students will report directly to their assigned doors to enter the building. The playgrounds will not be open prior to the school day, so please do not arrive early. When you arrive on school grounds, you may escort your child to their assigned grade level cohort entrance and say your good byes. Then I kindly ask that you leave the school grounds. We need to be mindful of large gatherings on school grounds.

Bus Riders: Students will be dismissed from the bus one grade level cohort at a time with their masks on. Students will then go directly to their assigned doors.

Bike Riders: Bike racks will be available by the grade level doors. Please know that these will not be supervised or locked during the school day. You are encouraged to have an individual lock to secure your bike.

Parent Drop Off: Parents will enter the parent drop off lane single file. Please follow the directions of staff and signage. Students must exit the right side of the car with their masks on and immediately go to their assigned doors. Other people in the car MUST remain in the car at all times. Please also review the map and directions below.

Before and After Care: Students will be escorted by B&A staff with their grade level cohorts. They will exit near Kids Club and then enter the building through their grade level assigned doors.

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Special teachers will see every grade level every day and will rotate on a two-week cycle. This rotation schedule will soon be available on our Cottonwood Creek Website. For specials, students are cohorted by classroom. Our daily schedule includes cleaning between classroom cohorts, to the greatest extent possible, using the district provided cleaning solution.


For the 2020-21 school year, students will eat lunch prior to recess, and our schedule will be staggered. In addition, students will eat lunch as a classroom group (single cohort) assigned to a section of tables in the cafeteria or innovation space. Visual cues will be marked to provide guidance for physical distancing as students line up to pick up their lunch and find a seat to eat their lunch. Classroom teachers will provide time in their schedule prior to lunch for students to wash hands. Masks will need to be worn in hallways on the way to lunch. Students will be responsible for picking up their own area after they eat, and our staff will disinfect the area between each cohort. After lunch, students will be escorted out to their grade level playground for recess. Masks are not required during recess; we will be providing break away lanyards for students to attach their masks to in order to prevent misplaced masks. When students return to class after recess, the classroom teachers will provide time for students to wash their hands.

Controlled Dismissal

Dismissal is a busy time. It is a time to get your children out of the building and home safely. We will have a controlled dismissal starting at 2:40 of students to support physical distance. Students will be dismissed in this order.

Before and After Care

Students will meet their leaders at their grade level assigned door, where they will be escorted to Kids Club by a staff member.

Bus Riders and Day Care

Students will exit their assigned doors and report to the front of the building, where they will wait in a grade level cohort for bus riders.

Walkers/Parent Pick Up

Students will be escorted by their teacher and exit the building through their assigned doors. They will immediately walk around to the front of the building to wait at the grade level cohort out front near the parent pick up lane. Grade level teams will stagger their exit through these doors. Students who walk home may not linger outside of the building or stay to play on the playground. If your child is meeting a sibling, the older sibling will exit their assigned door, and walk around the building to the younger siblings grade level cohort out front and follow teacher direction.

  • 2nd-5th Grade parents are encouraged to designate a space off campus to meet if they walk to pick up their child.

  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade parents are encouraged to meet their child outside the grade level door for pick up. However, if you are not on time, you will need to pick up your child from the grade level cohort out front.

  • All parents and visitors on school grounds: Please be sure to wear your mask and social distance at all times.

Parent Pick Up Lane
Teachers will escort remaining students to the parent pick up lane and students will gather in the spaces marked for the grade level cohorts. Please do not load until you enter the loading zone, and be sure to pull all the way forward to the last sign. Students must wear their masks until they are in the car. Again, we ask that all other people in the car remain in their cars and follow the guidance in the image below.
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Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to school. Be sure they are labeled with their first initial and last name.
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Visitors and Dropping off Items

All visitors must come to the front door and use the doorbell to communicate the purpose of their business with the front office. All visitors must wear a mask in order to enter the building. Due to the size of our foyer, we will only allow one visitor in at a time.

If you are signing a student out of the building, the parent will sign the student out and wait for the student outside the main doors to ensure physical distancing.

Our visitors will not be allowed beyond the second set of doors. If you have items such as a lunch, coat, etc. to drop off for your child, we will have a small table in our foyer for you to place items. Please make sure the item is labeled with your child's name and classroom teacher. Please note we will not be allowing visitors to provide food/treats/snacks to cohorts. You may only provide food for your child.

The Titan Family Portal: Cafeteria Meal Accounts

The Titan Family Portal is a secure, online system that allows parents to:

  • Make an online payment to thier children's cafeteria meal accounts
  • Remotely monitor their children's accounts
  • Set up automatic recurring payments
  • Set up low balance e-mail message alerts
  • Submit an online applicationg for free and/or reduced meals

Back to School Night

During a year of change, we are looking for opportunities to connect with our families. We will not be hosting our traditional Meet and Greet or Back to School Nights. In place of these events, each classroom teacher will be sending an email inviting you to schedule a time for a 10 minute Family Connection Meeting. The purpose of these meetings are to build a strong partnership with each family. This is a time to connect with your child's teacher and for our teachers to learn a little bit more about your child and your family. In addition, our teams are working to create visual presentations that will cover the information pertaining to their specific grade level. These presentations will be available on our Cottonwood Creek website by the end of the day Friday, August 21st.

Every Friday will be School Spirit Day!

Let's show our school spirit every Friday by wearing our BLUE and GREEN! If you are interested in purchasing Cottonwood Creek Spirit wear, please CLICK HERE to check out all the new gear including athletic shorts, t-shirts, comfy hoodie sweatshirts, beanies and more.

Birthday Treats

We know celebrating a child's birthday is important and special. However, we will look at celebrating in alternative ways this year. To keep our students and staff safe and healthy, please do not send any birthday treats to school. This includes food and non-food items.

Our Cougar Staff

I am so impressed with our staff's dedication and commitment to planning and adjusting as needed. Their commitment to doing what is best for our students is to be commended. Thank you Cougar Staff. Below you will see our most current 2020-21 Staff List; Please join me in welcoming our amazing Cougar staff back for the 2020-21 school year!
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In-Person Learning

Our updated learning plan includes five days a week of in-person learning for students in PreK-12.

Remote Learning

If In-Person Learning must switch to full remote learning at any point during the year, the instruction will be a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous. We will have two days to transition from in-person to remote learning.

100% Online Learning

Online learning is an option for all CCSD students. A new Online Elementary program is available for grades K-5.

CCSD Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently being update.

CCSD Planning Forward - Budget

Catastrophic cuts in state education funding due to coronavirus are threatening the Cherry Creek School District’s ability to deliver on our promise of excellence for every child.

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Please note that due to the high demand for specific email communication from schools and teachers, we will be unable to translate all documents using human translation. Many documents may come home with translations provided using Google translate and may not be 100% accurate. Thank you for your understanding. If you would like more information about how you can translate emails and documents yourself using Google translate, go here: English


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Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что из-за высокого спроса на конкретные электронные сообщения со стороны школ и учителей мы не сможем перевести все документы с помощью человеческого перевода. Многие документы могут прийти домой с переводами, представленными с помощью перевода Google (Google translate), и не могут быть на 100% точными. Спасибо за Ваше понимание. Если Вы желаете получить дополнительную информацию о том, как самостоятельно перевести электронные письма и документы с помощью Google translate, перейдите по ссылке: Russian


Fadlan la soco sababta oo ah baahida weyn ee loo qabo isgaarsiinta emaylka gaarka ah ee dugsiyada iyo macallimiinta, ma awoodi doonno inaannu turjunno dhamaan dukumiintiyada anagoo isticmaalaya tarjumaadda qof ah. Dukumiintiyo badan ayaa guriga ku imaan kara iyagoo wata turjubaanno la lagu soo turjumay iyadoo la adeegsanayo tarjumaada xaga Google oo laga yaabo inaysan 100% sax ahayn. Waad ku mahadsantahay fahamkaaga. Haddii aad jeclaan lahayd macluumaad dheeri ah oo ku saabsan sida aad ugu tarjumi lahayd emaylka iyo dukumiintiyada naftaada adoo adeegsanaya tarjumaada Google, halkan ka fiiri: Somali


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Please note the changes in the 2020-21 school year calendar.

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