This WeeK at Remynse

May 9-May 13

STAAR Week 2016

STAAR week is finally here. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to each of you in all of our grade levels. Even if you are not giving the test this week, we are all making sacrifices for the success of our students. I know this is a tough week as far as routines go, so I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of the planning you have done for this upcoming week. I have heard teachers in the lower grades talk about how they will be working on quiet activities and how they will support the upper grades. I really appreciate how we work together as a family!

For my teachers in the upper grades and all of our support staff who have worked to prepare our students for STAAR and beyond- I am so proud of you! I have seen how hard you have worked to prepare your students this year. I want you to know that I believe in you and our students. We are ready for this week!

I hope that all of the moms on our staff had a wonderful Mother's Day. For all of the new mommies on our staff and mommies celebrating Mother's Day for the first time, I hope you were able to snuggle with your little ones this weekend. I know we made some time for snuggling and naps this weekend. I also know we all need our energy for the week ahead. Hang in there everyone! I know our students will do an amazing job!

Happy - STAAR Version

Dates to Remember:

**Wear Jeans and tennis shoes this week**

Monday, May 9th
  • STAAR Math 3, 4, 6th and 5th Re-testers

Tuesday, May 10th

  • STAAR Reading 3, 4, 6th and 5th Re-testers
  • Alternate Curriculum Field Trip
  • Progress Reports due today

Wednesday, May 11th

  • STAAR Science
  • Distribute Progress Reports

Thursday, May 12th

  • No Faculty Meeting
  • STAAR Make-up Testing

Friday, May 13th

  • Wear Spirit Colors and jeans
  • STAAR Make-up testing

Future Dates:

**We will need to plan a Reading Night as we end the school year. I will get with the reading committee for more details. **

Monday, May 16th- PLC meetings for all grade levels, Enrichment, and SPED- Outlook training

Tuesday, May 17-Sip and See for Rachel McCleery

Thursday, May 19th- Donna Ivey's Retirement Party

Friday, May 20th-6th grade Cluster Track Meet