How Basketballs Are Made (History)

Cory Bittner

History of Basketballs

The game of basketball has been around for 118 years. It has never once changed shape but only the design. From 1890-1930 it was hand stitched, hand sewn, made of tanned fined leather. Some great players who played this game were Bill Russell, Lary Bird, Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippin, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant

94Fifty Basketball

This basketball is the future of the game. It shows how many dribbles you do, how many shots you shoot, and can make you 10x better in minutes. It has its own app and is good up to 90 feet. It measures shot arc, shot backspin. It is water resistant, has instant feedback, 8 hour battery life, and is ultra durable.