By:Crystal Njogu

Twenty years ago, a nine year old boy named Firmament was a fascinating artist, but what held him back was his family’s allowance. For free time he drew on the ground. Now in the present time, he took his daily round in Greece. Everyday a crowd would gather around him and saw what an amazing artist he is. He always buys fruit with no interruptions, but today was different. He got stopped by a tax collector. “Look, I paid my taxes,” Firmament stated. The tax collector just laughed, and right before everyone’s eyes he turned into Hermes, the god of theft, trade, and messaging. Firmament looked up, and saw a man with a winged helmet, that held a serpent staff. “You silly mortals, I have a message for you Firmament, go to Mount Olympus to find your destiny,” his gold hair sparkled when he repeated his message. Firmament replied in his cowardly tone “Yes Sir, who will be waiting for me.” “ You will see when you go.” BOOM! Hermes left without saying another word.

That night Firmament packed all he needed for the journey. The food only lasted four days with a two week journey. Mount Olympus was filled with steep, rocky cliffs, and a cold peak. Once he made it, he fell down and worshiped the council. Slowly looking up, he saw the most beautiful woman in the world, Aphrodite. “You know you could have taken the elevator,” she said hysterically. Aphrodite wore a pure silk dress with gold detailing. Firmament was to out of breath to chortle. “Firmament, I have a quick favor to ask you,” she said while her blue eyes were twinkling. “Could you paint the sky for infinity years?” She waited patiently, and eagerly. “Sorry mam, but how was that a quick favor,” Firmament asked in a polite voice. “Don’t worry, I will give you five days , and this time take the elevator,” She gave him a communicator device that looked like a rose. “Call me when you decided,” with a sharp of her pedicured nails, she was gone. Firmament then thought to himself “Do all the gods leave by snapping their fingers.” Firmament took the elevator down.

Once he got home, a huge crowd applauded him. He was tackled with question, coming from all the directions. It took him ten minutes to tell his story. Surprisingly, the whole city was silent. “NO!” “DON’T!” “YOU WILL DIE!” All these statements trafficked his brain. With a mob behind him, he rushed home with the prize for silent. For three straight days he stared out into the sky. The sky seemed like a blank canvas. Firmament has always wanted to paint something huge. “ What isn’t more huge than the sky, it is also white and needs color.” He doesn’t know what to choose; because he wants to do what he knows is right but also doesn’t want to make his friends devastated.

The next day he walked outside, and pulled out the rose. “Aphrodite, I’ll do it, but on one condition,” Firmament forenamed “Yes…, what is it, I swear on the river of Synx,” she said. “You allow me to paint whatever I want,” Firmament demanded in a manly voice. “Oh thank goodness, I thought you wanted to do something evil, but yes you can paint whatever you want,” Aphrodite said this in a relived tone. “I know how hard this was for you, so come in fifteen days.” Aphrodite hanged up. In six days the biggest party was held in honor of Firmament. He later found out that everyone was happy for his decision, and not mad. While in a good mood, he left for Olympus, and his new career. Now he paints the sky every day, hoping that everyone can see his work of art.