Mrs. G's Classroom News

April 8. 2016

Classroom Management

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! It was nice to get some sun in Florida and I enjoyed spending time with my family on the beach. I wasn't too pleased to return to the weather here in Michigan. Hopefully the weather will improve next week!

We do not have school on Monday, April 11th! I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday. Enjoy your day!

Hornung is having a small book fair next week on April 14th and 15th. Students can purchase books during lunch time and Thursday evening the fair will be open 6-8:30pm. Hope to see you there!

Third and fourth graders around the State of Michigan will be taking the M-Step standardized test. Students coming to school with a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast can really help them perform best. Some students may feel a little overwhelmed or stressed about this first standardized test they experience. I will do everything in my power to make it a relaxed, stress free atmosphere to make sure they are comfortable and confident! If you child is absent on a testing day, make-ups will occur. The following is the schedule we have arranged for third grade:

3rd Grade (4 tests):

Tues 4/26 ELA – 50 minutes (CAT – headphones required)

Wed 4/27 ELA – 40 minutes (CAT – headphones required)

Thurs 4/28 Math – 45 minutes/45 minutes (Part 1 & 2…CAT)

Tues 5/3 Math – 60 minutes (Performance Task)

Wed 5/4 Make up Sessions

Thurs 5/5 Make up Sessions

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Writing Workshop

Most students have finished their rough drafts of their realistic fiction stories. They are working on publishing their writing in a hardcover, blank white book. Students have been instructed to write neatly, and small in order to fit their stories on the lines provided in the book. They must use pencil first to make sure any errors can be fixed. After they write their story in the book they will have the opportunity to illustrate the inside and design a cover. These books will be displayed in the media center soon. Due to time, you can expect your child to be finishing their book publishing at home for homework next week. This will allow us to move onto our non-fiction expert topic writing.

Reading Workshop

Our Beverly Cleary Realistic Fiction unit is done. Many students played catch up this week, taking online comprehension quizzes on their book club book and our class read aloud. I have been very pleased with the results. Students also had the opportunity to experience some online reading using the program Hornung has a subscription to called, "Tumblebooks". We logged our reading on Biblionasium as well. Next week we are moving onto our non-fiction unit and immersing ourselves in the genre.
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Word Work

We worked on the Common Core Standard that states, "I can form and use regular and irregular verbs". Students experienced a QR code activity to practice the concept. They took the Edmodo snapshot to test their knowledge and students who needed a little more support played some online games addressing the skill.

We also worked on Spelling Unit 20. The skill covered was adding ing to words and doubling the consonant. Students also did activities on Working on writing sentences with our spelling words with capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and punctuation at the end was emphasized.


We did some reviewing of Unit Seven at the beginning of the week. Students received a study guide for this unit Friday and we will take the test Tuesday. Unit 8 is all about fractions! Yippee! Just in time for the M-step!


We reviewed the properties of rocks, learned about the three types of rocks and experienced a very catchy tune to help us remember. Students also read a non-fiction book that described the three types of rocks and rock cycle. A study guide came home on Tuesday and students took the test for this unit today. On Wednesday and Thursday (our BYOD days) students experienced using Minecraft to explore the property of hardness with rocks virtually and in real life. They were so excited and were completely engaged. On Tuesday next week, Mr. Yates will share his personal rock collection with us and we look forward to learning from him!
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