CCMS Parent Newsletter

April 2021

Upcoming STAAR Testing

Eagle Families,

As we move closer toward STAAR testing season I want to offer a few points of clarity.

  1. Per state mandate we are required to have students take their STAAR exams. There is not an exemption policy. If students are present at school on the day a test is administered or a make-up is offered they will be given the test.Test days are listed below.
  2. "Opting Out" absences on test or make-up days are unexcused.
  3. Unless it is specifically requested or mandated by committee decision students will take a paper version of the test.
  4. Students currently taking Algebra must take and pass their EOC as a part of their High School graduation plan.
  5. At home learners will be grouped with onsite learners and will be expected to stay on campus for the duration of testing.

Test dates are as follows:

  • April 6th - 7th Grade Writing (April 9th Make-up)

  • May 4th - Algebra EOC (May 5th Make-Up)

  • May 6th - 8th Grade Science STAAR (No Make Up)

  • May 7th - 8th Grade Social Studies STAAR (No Make Up)

  • May 11th - 7th and 8th Math STAAR (May 13th & 14th Make-up)

  • May 12th - 7th and 8th ELA STAAR (May 13th & 14th Make-up)

Students testing online have the following additional make up days

  • 7th Writing - April 13th and 20th
  • Algebra - May 13th and 17th
  • Math - May 13th and 17th
  • ELA - May 14th and 18th
  • Science - May19th and 20th
  • Social Studies - May 21st and 24th

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your students' counselor.

Daniel Brown

Principal, Cedar Creek Middle School


Click the link for information about the upcoming bond election

Change of Learning Location Requests

If you wish for your student to change from online to onsite or vice versa please use the link below. This form will be accepting responses until Wednesday April. 9th. Students will be able to return onsite Thursday April 15th, which is the start of the 6th 6 weeks grading cycle.

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Early Release

Wednesday, March 31st, 12:15pm

125 Voss Parkway

Cedar Creek, TX

Student Holiday

Friday, April 2nd, 8am

125 Voss Parkway

Cedar Creek, TX

7th Grade Writing STAAR Exam

Tuesday, April 6th, 8:30am

125 Voss Parkway

Cedar Creek, TX

Student Holiday

Monday, April 19th, 9pm

125 Voss Parkway

Cedar Creek, TX

Staff development day

Student Early Release

Wednesday, April 28th, 12:15pm

125 Voss Parkway

Cedar Creek, TX

CRCA Recruiting Video

Colorado River Collegiate Academy (CRCA) is Bastrop ISD's early college high school program. CRCA students have the opportunity to earn college credit starting their 9th grade year, and ,If successful, can potentially earn an Associates Degree upon graduating high school at the conclusion of their 12th grade year. If CRCA is of interest to you and your student, please use the following link to complete an application. Link:
CRCA Recruitment Video Spring 2021

Tips for Online Learning

  1. Please have your child log into Google Classroom each and every day to access, complete, and submit assignments.
  2. He or she should also log into Zoom or Google Meet on time and ready to learn, able to participate in class discussion, interact with peers, and answer questions.
  3. Your student should have a dedicated learning space at home to the extent possible, dress appropriately for class, and follow online etiquette. We encourage them to have their microphones and video turned on during live lessons.
  4. And of course, all students should engage in learning and activities with academic honesty, whether online or onsite.

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