Comparative Poetry Analysis

Kelsey Saniter Hour 1


The two poems"Ode to Enchanted light" and "Sleeping in the forest are similar ways but at the same time they have complete different meanings. Although both poems talk about how the forest is beautiful, one poem seems to talk about happiness and the other talks about death.


Overall I think that it was important for authors to use their style on their poem. Authors style gives the poem meaning and makes it unique. The message was shown in each poem using authors style. I think the message for "Ode to Enchanted Light" is to see the beauty in nature and be happy. The message for "Sleeping in the Forest" might be that you shouldn't feel sad when you are dying because you will end up somewhere better. I was able to tell this clearly by looking at authors style. That just goes to show that you can tell a lot from a poem by looking at authors style.