VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

by Rachel Pomerantz 1B

Steroid usage and cheating in the sport of cycling was so ________ that it was the status quo in the sport

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-Commonly found in a particular region or among a particular people
-From the Greek roots en (in) and demos (people)

Related Words

-Other forms: endemism (noun), endemicaly (adverb), endemicity (noun)
-Synonyms: prevalent, native, regional
-Antonyms: foreign, absent, widespread
-endemic vs. epidemic vs. pandemic

Which sentence uses endemic incorrectly?

A. Using "y'all" a plural second-person pronoun is endemic to the Southeastern United States.
B. In the early 1900s, the world battled endemic influenza that infected people across the world.
C. Despite the interconnected nature of today's world, there are still endemic languages that have not left the regions of their origin.
D. An audit found that corruption was endemic in the company in the months leading up to its collapse.