Meat & Potatoes

May 23 - May 28

Attention Teachers

HR has requested that we have all teachers and professional staff print their education certificates. This is so that we can verify that everyone is highly qualified and to ensure that no one's certificate has lapsed.

On your checkout sheet it states that you can list or print your certificates and their expiration dates. I need them printed, so please print your certificate page and turn it into Adrienne with your check out sheet.

Find and print certificates here. If you don't have a TEAL Account, you can also go to SBEC to print your certificate page.

Up & Coming Events

Monday - Faculty Basketball Game

Tuesday - Outdoor Classroom Dedication @ 4:30, Orchestra Concert @ 6:30

Wednesday - Band/Orchestra Field Trip, College Day
Thursday - 6th Grade Picnic

Friday - Early Release

Saturday - Staff Development


If you're interested, please contact me directly. I am fixing to have to start recruiting if I do not have any volunteers.

Grade Deadlines & Report Cards

Intermediate Campuses - Tuesday, 5/24 at 4pm, delivered Thursday, 5/26

Saturday, May 28

On Saturday, May 28, we will have a faculty meeting in the library at 9 AM.

Technology Checkout with McDermott

  • Doc Cams locked in a cabinet and written on your checkout sheet where locked

  • Smart Response Clickers

    • Remove batteries

    • Lock in a cabinet in your room with it noted on your checkout sheet

  • Pens and remote for smartboard put in a ziplock bag and lock in a cabinet in your room and note on checkout sheet

  • If you are not returning or switching rooms, please bring materials to McDermott to lock up.

Bulletin Boards

All HALLWAY bulletin boards need to be stripped down. You can have responsible students do this for you. All staples will need to be removed as well.

We will have some time in August to update all of our bulletin boards.

Personal Items

As we head into the summer, please be sure to lock away, or take home all personal items to ensure their safety.

Lockers, Locks, & Backpacks

Be sure to cover each of these slides with your students each day during announcements.

Students that have lost their locks can search the bucket for their locks. Unfortunately, we cannot charge for lost locks...this year.

Counselor's Corner

Mrs. McKenzie and Mrs. Zumwalt will hand deliver (to teams) TELPAS information for you to pass out with report cards on Thursday.

Thank you for a wonderful year and hope you have a restful summer!

Rocco's corner

We are closing strong and I am so happy with how we are performing, I love it here and am eagerly looking forward to next year!

One thing we learned last summer was EOY locker expectations. Please have your Success class students begin cleaning out their lockers as soon as possible, leaving only what they absolutely need until Tuesday next week.

All Success class teachers must complete the final inspection of each student's locker next Tuesday before the class ends. These expectations are outlined for students in the announcements now. They have to be free of all objects, stickers and writing inside and out. Then students lock the locks on their lockers backwards so we can easily see the serial numbers this summer for our inventory.


All of the Oakwood students were honored at the District-wide AVID Ceremony, Admission Possible on May 16th. Students were asked to stand and received a round of applause for becoming a Demonstration School.


Sped case managers will contact you about any outstanding progress reports they need from you. If you know you have not submitted one, please do so today.

Please shred any SPED specific paperwork before leaving for summer break.

Thanks for turning our students into "SMART COOKIES" this year! Please enjoy teacher treats in the workroom tomorrow.

Bus Duty

The BULLDOGS are the team required to send two teachers (with their team's radio) to the bus loop each day at 4:00.

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.