Contraction Bingo!

Fourth Grade

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CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.4.3 Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening.


Students will identify contractions.


Students will become efficient in recognizing and using proper contractions in their everyday lives.


-Bingo Templates

-List of Contractions



How to Create/Play The Game

For this game, I got my inspiration from the Florida Center for Reading Research located at I chose to use a blank bingo template, just so the kids could create their personal bingo board. To do this, just hand every child their own template, and have a list of different contractions on the board. You can have more contraction options than the boxes, just so that the kids have more variety and the game becomes that much more engaging! Once the kids have created their own board, pass out markers to each child and start drawing/reading aloud different words that can be shortened into a contraction. (Ex. Should not=Shouldn't) When a child has a bingo either diagonal, vertical, or horizontal, you can have a peer check as a method of assessment. Prizes are optional and add to the fun!


-You could have premade bingo cards instead of allowing students to make their own for time's sake.

-You could also form smaller groups for the students to play Bingo in, keeping in mind that the rules may need to be altered so that everyone has an opportunity to be a "caller".

-Implementing other aspects of literacy such as recognizing synonyms or antonyms could be a great way for students to review.

-When a student bingos, you could have the student write a sentence on the board using a contraction correctly.