Organic Fruit: Good or Bad?

Can Pesticides Hurt You?

Scientists have now found that organic fruits are more healthy for people because the pesticides sprayed on non-organic fruits can harm the body. After finding this information, people are leaning towards buying organic fruits to make sure them and their children are healthier. The demand for organic fruits has risen to a new high!

Organic vs. Non-Organic

The prices for organic food has risen to a new high. People are now substituting their love for organic fruit for non-organic fruit. The sales for non-organic fruits have gone through the roof because people will not buy organic fruits at the prices they are at now. If companies who sell organic fruits want to stay in business, they better lower their prices pretty soon.

Breakfast for Champions

A new cookbook came out this week that shows different recipes that incorporate organic fruits into breakfast foods. One of the main complementary items for organic fruits is Greek yogurt. We have seen that since this cookbook was published, the sales for Greek yogurt at grocery stores have risen. I guess the cookbook is really popular!

Is it worth it?

The income for many people has gone down since the economy is dropping. This is causing people to rethink what they put in their grocery basket. Are organic fruits worth paying for if the wallet is tight? Many people will answer no.

Organic Fruit Prices

Prices are expected to fall for organic fruits in the near future, so if I were you I would wait to go to the grocery store. The rumor is that the prices are going to fall 40%. Don't waste your money now! Wait till the prices drop to buy all your organic fruits.

BY: Olivia Sykes