Save Yourself, Don't Take Ecstasy

Don't take it or you'll see a Unicorn ;P

Listen to the people that matter. Stop it before it hurts you


Why would u take Ecstasy. Are you in stress ? Are you doing suicide ? Are you Stupid ;/ ?? If you are then i feel bad. Ecstasy is a bad drug ( like all of them aren't ). This drug is dangerous. Just because it has a Snoopy or a Barney the Dinosaur doesn't mean u have to eat it. That's just nasty.

What it does to you

Ecstasy is dangerous like other drugs. the effects of it is very weird. You clench your teeth for no reason. you grind it hard till u bleed to death. And u go insane and imagine stuff like Elephants flying through space or ninjas in your room.

Why is this future so... immature

Out of all the dumb things people do this is worst. Who invented the cigar? Who wants to take this dangerous drug?? Why is this world full of idiots ???? No one knows but i'm sure of this... people sure are stupid.

Why is there so much drug use ??

People in this world use drugs to kill themselves sometimes. What happened when it was just suicide not drug use, thats worst. Atleast the cops will stop you before you die cause... you killed Barney. thats just stupid. I think you should just suck it up and live while were young.
I'm on Ecstasy 1/5