Smarketing Project

Smarketing Project - AIESEC in Salvador

Congratulations on apply!

Welcome to a great experience in one of the warmest and beautiful cities of Brazil! Come to Salvador!

You applied for the Smarketing Project for six weeks in Salvador! We want to develop their lead to you becoming an agent of positive change in the world!

We expect from you to be very proactive, to live the diversity and to make a social change here. We're one of the best AIESECs in Brazil and we want to deliver an unique experience to you!

You can fill out this application in English, Spanish or Portuguese exclusively

Aplication Form:

This video below is one of the videos produced by the trainees Smarketing

This and other video were produced in order to promote the work of NGOs in society.
Projeto Gira Mundo Arts - Smarketing - Cinema Social - AIESEC em Salvador
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