Steel wool and Vinegar

Changing matter - Science experiment by Thomas L and Pearson


Soak steel wool in vinegar and watch what happens as the iron in the steel begins to react with the oxygen around it. This fun science experiment for kids is great for learning about chemical reactions.


To make a chemical reaction and make the steel wool heat up.


  • Steel Wool
  • Vinegar
  • Two beakers
  • Paper or a lid (something to cover the beaker to keep the heat in)
  • Thermometer


Our experiment has failed. It might work with different variables like a different thermometer, or a thinner kind of steel wool.

But with our materials the experiment didn't work.


Our aim was to make a chemical reaction that caused the steel in the steel wool to corrode and then leave the iron to rust, when the iron was rusting we used a thermometer to see if the temperature increased or decreased.
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