Delete Cash App account

How to delete a Cash App account permanently

How to delete a Cash App account permanently [Step by step guide]

How To Delete Cash App Account?

Have you been using the Cash App for a long time? Does one want to delete a cash app account for certain reasons? Then, you want to be searching for tactics to delete it permanently. Delete your Cash App account takes just a few minutes like permanently deleted your email ID. Moreover, the stage allows users to manage their accounts consistent with their own convenience.

If you've already made up your mind of not using this application, there are two available methods. Firstly, you'll delete the appliance from your phone directly. Secondly, you'll remove it through the official website of the Cash App. The unlocking procedure varies counting on the method you select; still you'll delete the account without hassle.

Let’s discuss the deletion process step-by-step easy way

Points to think about Delete Your Account On Cash App

There are numerous points that you simply have to consider before deactivating the Cash App account.

It is impossible to realize the accessibility to your transaction history after restarting or deleting your account.

You can download your transaction history to stay for future reference.

It is impossible to delete a Cash App account if you've got any pending payments or deposits. Therein case, you would like to clear the pending funds to continue with the deletion process.

It is vital to deactivate the subscription on the Cash App and stop generating the bill of the subsequent month until you liquidate the account.

Account deletion steps

Step 1

You can log in to the official website of money App account using your email ID, amid the telephone number , which you used while creating the account.

Step 2

You can be directed to the dashboard of your account. A request register code will automatically appear on the page of your app. Click thereon , and therefore the code is going to be sent to you thru SMS or email. It entirely depends on the small print provided by you at the time of registration. Although this process is important , it won’t become a problem if you do not hold a credit card or a money card.

Step 3

Enter the code and click on the sign-in choice to confirm your individuality.

Step 4

Now, scroll right down to rock bottom of your page and tap on the deactivate account option.

Step 5

This will lead you to a different page where you would like to supply evidence for deactivating your Cash App account. Click the preferred option and tap the ‘Continue’ option. Just make sure that the text contains your telephone number , complete name, and present email address.

You can get in-tuned with the customer care support team to understand if the account deletion process has been successful. If not, you'll request them for assistance immediately. Sometimes, additional information is applicable to finish the activation process. therein case, the customer care support team can assist you accordingly.

Process of Deleting And Linking Your Cash App Account From android iphone

Step to delete your account on Cash App from the iPhone:

  1. Open the green-colored Cash App on your iPhone.

  2. If you've got any amount left in your account, transfer the same to your bank before continuing with the deletion process. you'll accomplish this by clicking on the ‘Cash Amount’ option given at the bottom left-hand position. Click on ‘Cash Out.’

  3. Click on the ‘Account Menu’ icon located at the highest right-hand corner. It resembles a circle with the head and shoulders.

  4. Click ‘Support’ located at rock bottom of the menu. It resembles the question mark.

  5. At the top of the new menu, click on ‘Something Else.’

  6. Scroll down towards the top of the webpage of the new menu, click on ‘Account Settings.’

  7. Now, you'll encounter the ‘Confirm Closing Account’ option. Clicking on this feature will sign you out from the Cash App account permanently. A confirmation text are going to be sent to you via email ID or telephone number to verify that you simply have unlinked your Cash App account. Just make sure that you receive this email or SMS before rebooting into the appliance .

  8. The applications on your iPhone screen will begin to shake, followed by an “x” check in each of them. Click on the “x” check in the Cash App to delete it from your system.

Cash App Account Deletion Within The Phone

It is possible to delete your account on the Cash App through the phone using the program application. This is often most likely the only way available; let’s see the way to execute the steps.

  • Open the appliance in your Android phone

  • If you've already cleared the funds from the Cash App account, click on the circular icon located at the highest left corner to look at the ‘Account Menu.’

  • Scroll right down to view the ‘Accounts Menu.’ Click on ‘Cash Support.’ Again, you would like to scroll down and click on the ‘Something Else’ menu.

  • Now, scroll down and click on the account settings option.

  • Click on ‘Close My Cash App’ account. It confirms that you simply want to continue with the procedure of deactivation of your account. Immediately, you'll be signed out of the appliance followed by a confirmation mail of account deletion which will be delivered to you thru SMS or an email.

Deleting your account on a Cash App may be a straightforward process. you'll select any of the aforementioned procedures to finish the activation process, both the methods work seamlessly. Just follow the method mentioned above, and there you go.