by ben rutland

magnets are pieces of iron ore that can attract certain metals

magnetism is the attracting and repulsing of metals

temporary magnets are magnets that when they lose their magnetic charge they lose their magnetism

permanent magnets are magnets that keep their magnetism even if they lose their magnetic field

magnetism is the attraction and repulsion of pieces of metal

electromagnets are magnets that have a soft metal core made into the magnets by the passage of electricity

super conductors a substance capable of superconducting at low temperatures

who discovered magnets the ancient greeks

four facts about magnets magnetic fields are invisible to the naked eye one metal that is magnetic is nickel another is iron and magnets attract and repel cerfain metals

10 uses of magnets and how they make life easier

10 uses of magnets are magnetic walls, screw savers,magnetic spice saver,cabinet storage,cabinet storage,battery remover,scrap yard machines,locate studs and manlifts

how magnets make life easier is by making cheap transportation in japan they make trains powered by magnets it pulls the train along cheap and efficient