Economy Facts:)

By- Lexi Short, Courtney Bohlen, and Cooper Kelley

How does Starbucks go through the Factors Of Production?

3 people came up with this product, their names are Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl. Starbucks distributes the product and people make Starbucks homemade in a kitchen located in their stores. They use a lot of natural recourses in their drinks such as coffee beans, mint leaves, and water. At the end of all those steps you come out with a fantastic drink like there delicious frapachinos and coffee!

Our 3 chosen countries are U.S.A, North Korea, and China

How scarcity affects counties

Scarcity affects America by how people and businesses are interdependent on each other. North Korea suffers from scarcity from not having enough food and it affects them, most of their population is starving and dying. China suffers from scarcity by having barely any water, and it affects them, nearly one fifth of the world lives there and China doesn't have enough water for everyone.

thank you! hope you enjoyed!

Lexi Short, Courtney Bohlen, and Cooper Kelley