Willandra Primary school

Education Industry , Assistant Teacher

My work roles

1. Supervising the children in a picture match, where the children have to cut out the pictures and match the picture up with it's partner . I liked this task because it was simple and easy for the children to understand the instructions and for the children to do.

2. Helping the children change their books at the library and assisting the children when they ask for help. I liked this task because I enjoyed helping the children when they couldn't find a book to read.

3. Attending and assisting the children in Edu dance class when the children ask me if they can sit down because they aren't feeling well or they don't want to do the actions. I liked this task because i enjoyed watching the children dance.

Two new skills I have developed

Initiative and enterprise

I have used initiative when I can see a problem arising. I could see the rain coming and all the outside play equipment was going to get wet. I decided to pick up all the play equipment and take it to the shed.


Asking the teachers for directions in work tasks e.g of where they would like the items to be. The other area of communication is I became more confident speaking to the children when working in small groups e.g. getting a child that has wandered off to get back in the group.

Positive aspects about this type of work role

1. You get to meet new children every year

2.You have lots of fun teaching the children

3.You get to know the children you are teaching and how they behave.

Negative aspects about this type of work role

1.Trying to get the children to listen to you.when you give them instructions to do something.

2. Their short attention spam and having little things for them to do.

Is this the career pathway you wish to follow?

No I want to be Pediatric nurse but i enjoyed working with teachers and children. I have learned alot about children and how they behave and learning about the psychology side of the children.