Maranda Weingarten


Getting There

My brother and I will be flying in with American airlines. We will be leaving Denver at 7:45am and landing in Miami, FL at 1:35.We will get dinner somewhere near and then get back on the plane. Our plane will take off at 6:25pm and we will land in Barcelona at 9:20am. I will be going to Barcelona February 13th and coming back February 19th.

Where to Stay

I will be staying at the Silken Gran hotel Havana.The Silken has very good pricing. $108 a night or $730 for 6 nights for a standard room. The hotel has has very high reviews for most of everything.


The first thing for day one is to just explore and see whats around our the hotel.Then the next day or day 2, my bother and I will be getting a tour of the Barcelona soccer field and team. That will cost $32.46.For day 3 we will be going to ride in a hot air balloon. That will cost $236.53. The hot air balloon will fly over the town, so we could get some really good pictues. We will also be going to a theme park and it has a shuttle to take us there from the hotel. This will cost $38.16.We will be going to the theme park on the 4th day. For day 5 we will be going shopping and exploring more. Day 6 we will be flying back to Denver.


A problem I could come in to is not finding a way to change American money into their money. In Barcelona they use euros. The euro is worth more money than American money. Another problem is they speak a different language. They speak Spanish or Catalan and I only speak English. These problems can effect my trip because if I cant pay then I won't be able to get or do things I want. It can also effect my trip because I won't know what their saying and they won't know what I'm saying. I could solve these problems by changing the money before I leave and have a translator.


In conclusion, I wanted to go to Barcelona mainly because I wanted to meet my favorite soccer player. My favorite soccer player is Messi. I'm taking my brother to help capture the moments.

About the Traveler

I'm Maranda and I'm the traveler. I will be traveling with my brother Tyler to Barcelona.I play soccer, so I want to go to meet one of my favorite team. I want to take my brother because he's a photographer and we could get some really good photos.

History and Culture

The founder of Barcelona is Joan Gamper. Barcelona's soccer team is in 2nd place curently. There main language is catalan or spanish.