The North Carolina General Assembly

Roles of Senate and House!

What is the NC general Assembly?

The General Assembly drafts and legislates the state laws of North Carolina, also known as the General Statutes. The General Assembly is a bicameral legislature, consisting of the North Carolina House of Representatives (formerly the North Carolina House of Commons until 1868) and the North Carolina Senate. The House has 120 members, while the Senate has 50. There are no term limits for either chamber.

There are two parts of the assembly


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The Senate consisits of 50 members. Withing Senate there are 9 leadership roles:

President:Lt. Governor Dan Forest

President Pro Tempore:Senator Phil Berger

Deputy President Pro Tempore:Senator Louis Pate

Majority Leader:Senator Harry Brown

Majority Whip:Senator Jerry W. Tillman

Republican Caucus Secretary:Senator Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.

Democratic Leader:Senator Dan Blue

Democratic Whip:Senator Terry Van Duyn

Democratic Caucus Secretary:Senator Ben Clark

The House of Representatives

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Within the house there are 120 members, all of who serve 2 year terms. There are 15 key roles within the House:

Speaker:Speaker Tim Moore

Speaker Pro Tempore:Representative Paul Stam

Majority Leader:Representative Mike Hager

Deputy Majority Leader:Representative Marilyn Avila

Majority Whip:Representative John R. Bell, IV

Conference Chair:Representative Charles Jeter

Joint Caucus Leader:Representative Pat B. Hurley

Majority Freshman Leader:Representative John A. Fraley

Majority Freshman Whip:Representative John R. Bradford, III

Democratic Leader:Representative Larry D. Hall

Deputy Democratic Leader:Representative Susan C. Fisher

Secretary:Representative Bobbie Richardson

Executive Liaisons:Representative Henry M. Michaux, Jr.

Representative Michael H. Wray

Democratic Conference Chairs:Representative Grier Martin

Representative Garland E. Pierce

Freshman Caucus Co-Chairs:Representative Graig R. Meyer

Representative Robert T. Reives, II