Artful Thinking

Thinking Dispositions that Support Thoughtful Learning

Artful Thinking was developed through a collaboration of Harvard’s Project Zero and Traverse City Public Schools in Traverse City, Michigan. There are two goals: 1. Help teachers create rich connections between works of art and curricular topics and 2. Develop and strengthen students ability to apply critical thinking. While it was originally developed to be used with grades PreK-12, Artful Thinking is now being used in post-secondary education to reach those same goals. Do you want your students to:

  • Identify key details?
  • Make inferences using (text) evidence to support their thinking?
  • Make connections that deepen their comprehension and thinking?
  • Determine big ideas and themes?

The goal of the Artful Thinking approach is to help students with these skills and develop thinking dispositions that support thoughtful learning – in the arts, and across ALL school subjects.

This workshop will show you how to use art, charts and graphs, and other images to help your students develop observational skills that can then be used to deepen their abilities to draw conclusions, make inferences, explore viewpoints, build vocabulary, develop questions, and more. Using these new skills with visual images is a scaffold to student application into the written word.

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Register today for this workshop led by Julie Monetta, SIEC Director of Educator Support.
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The artist palette is used as an organizer for the dispositions, or types of thinking, that we want our students to deliberately use.

Monday, Feb. 19th, 9am-3pm

Southern Indiana Education Center 1102 Tree Lane Drive, Jasper, IN 47546

*This workshop is designed for all teachers in Grades PreK-12.

*All times are Eastern time zone.

*Lunch is included with the registration.

*Each participant will receive a certificate for 6 Professional Growth Points.

*All participants should bring a laptop to use during the session.

*Registration fee is $75 per person for ESC members ($105 nonmembers)

*See registration form below.