The Wide Window

by Jacob Miles


The Bauldelaire children, Violet, Claus, and Sunny are facing extremely unfortunate events. Their parents died in a house fire from their evil great uncle Count Olaf. Count Olaf is trying to murder them secretly. But he is having a hard time with it since he is a criminal and they are getting away from him. It is up to the Bauldelaires to get Count Olaf caught and arested. But if they don't do it on time they could be doomed. Will Count Olaf finally get caught?


The theme is to never underestimate anybody who has less power than you. I say this, because Count Olaf has more power over the kids. But the kids are managing to get away from him really easy.

Description of two characters

Author's note

Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket is an author who writes dark and unfortunate books. He was born on Feb. 28, 1970, He was born in San Fransisco, California. He is best known for creating the series of unfortunate events novel. His real name is Daniel Handler, but others call him by his nickname, Lemony Snicket. He has four book novels and is writing one write now.