Michael's Bucket list

April 2015

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#1 Scuba Diving

I want to scuba dive in Punta Gorda, Costa Rica because the water is beautiful and has amazing creatures. The weathering there is physical. Wind and waves are the forces of erosion.
Punta Gorda, Guanacaste, Costa Rica May 2, 2013

#2 Snowboarding

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I really want to snowboard on mammoth mountain because it is steep and it would be fun to go down. The type of weathering is physical. Wind is the erosion. It is located in eastern California.
HOT LAPS at Mammoth Mountain 2015 Episode 1 - TransWorld SNOWboarding

#3 Visiting Rome

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I have always wanted to go to Rome to see a lot about Ancient Romans. The type of weathering there is physical. Water in the soil helped rome make what it is now. It is located in Rome, Province.
Rome City Tour Highlights

#4 Hang Glide

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Hang Glide

I really want to hang glide in the mountains of Tennessee because it would be cool to fly. The type of weathering there is physical. The type of erosion there is running water and wind. My brother would really like to come with me. He would really enjoy it!!!!
Scariest take-off and most beautiful flight, hang gliding Lanzarote - Mirador del Rio

#5 Hiking in a Rainforest

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Hiking in a Rain forest has always been a dream of my because I love the tropical weather and the amazing creatures there. The type of weathering there is physical. The erosion there is water because of the rainfall. It is located in Madagascar.
Tropical Rainforest