Design A Planet

Period 2, Lindsey Chapman


The planet Vladimir is a planet that is uninhabitable, this planet is just a planet that astronauts can explore and find why people can not live there.

The Tilt Of Vladimir

The tilt of the planet Vladimir 28 degrees tilt (a bit more then earth). Vladimir is always tilted towards the south star. The tilt of Vladimir causes seasons as Vladimir, tilted on it's axis, travels in it's orbit around the sun each year, summer happens in the hemisphere that is tilted most towards the sun while winter happens in the hemisphere tilted most away from the sun.

The moons and tides of Vladimir

Vladimir has 1 moon which is named Ceres. The tides in Vladimir's 3 oceans are cause by the moon. They are caused because the gravity of the moons pulls the water towards it and because of Inertia the same action happens on the other side of the moon. When Ceres is above a ocean it is at low tide because the water is being pulled off of the land by the gravity of Ceres creating low tide. When Ceres is above land it is at high tide because the gravity of Ceres is pulling the water up onto the land creating high tide on the land.

The gravity of Vladimir

Gravity is a very important factor. Other planets also affect our world. Our connection to the Moon's gravity makes the tides rise and fall. The gravity keeps our planet orbiting the Sun, just like the Sun's gravity pulls on our planet.

Fun Facts About Vladimir

  • Blue and Black
  • Has 3 oceans
  • Has 1 moon (Ceres)
  • 8,239 miles in distance
  • 87,998,907 miles from the sum
  • 793E21 kg