Sexual Orientation Through Time

Ibti M. and Bemnet K.


Throughout time friends have become more supportive.The younger generation are more accepting towards homosexuality compared to the older generation.


In the present the media has accepted homosexuality and have welcomed it. Homosexuals have also appeared a lot more on T.V shows and movies as the supporting characters. However the media places stereotypes to make homosexuals as visible as a difference in skin color. In many forms of popular entertainment, gay men are portrayed as overly promiscuous, flashy and incredibly bold.


In the past being a homosexual or bisexual, was something that was looked down upon heavily because it wasn't very popular and because it was against most people's religion. Now in the present, more families have become accepting towards homosexual or bisexual people, but they are many who also aren't.


There is a huge variety of homosexual practices between cultures and even within them. The prevalence of homosexuality has varied considerably in different cultures. In some cultures, it has been unknown; in others, it has been obligatory for all males.