The outsiders

By : Victoria C. and August B.

Chapter 1

Ponyboy was getting scared when he saw the red Corvair trailing him and he started to think about the time Johnny got jumped by the socs , so he started to speed walk faster . Later one of socs started to talk to him in a friendly voice saying "were gonna chop off all your hair " and then decided to cussed him out and started to tease him.

Chapter 2

Dally and Johnny decided they went to go to the drug store and went to go mess around . They started to blowing straws at the waitress and eyeing things so, they had gotten in trouble and got kicked out but while they were walking out they took 2 packages of kools.

Chapter 3

After the movie Cherry and Marcia did not have a ride home so, they wanted to call there parents on Two-bits and Ponyboy phone but instead Two-bits talked to them if they wanted to get a ride from Ponyboy and Two-bits. While they were driving Ponyboy was talking to Cherry about how Soda pony named a Mickey Mouse, while they were talking ponyboy was thinking how he could talk to Cherry with out having a problem

Chapter 4

Johnny and Ponyboy went to go walk around the park to cool off , while they were walking they saw the blue mustang was circling the park slowly . Turned out to be the socs because they had picked up the socs girls . So the socs decided to basically jumped them and Ponyboy was getting his face drowned in the water fountain trying to fight back and run away.