English Language Learners Document

New Information regarding enrollment & graduation planning.

DESE has published a new document filled with practical information regarding enrollment and graduation planning for English learners. Among the many topics include enrollment details, accepting international credits, grading policies, sample ICAPs and planning for students with interrupted formal education. The document can be found here:


Has your district adopted the Seal of Biliteracy? The Seal is a great opportunity to recognize graduating students who have demonstrated proficiency in English and any of the world’s languages. The program costs next to nothing to implement and potentially offers great incentives to students who qualify. This award is for any student from any language background; native English speakers studying a world language and English learners. Seal awardees can earn between 12-18 credit hours at a growing number of universities and progress is being made in the Seal being recognized as an IRC and included in MSIP6. Details can be found on the DESE Seal of Biliteracy webpage. https://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/curriculum/english-language-development/missouri-seal-biliteracy