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Should We Have Cell Phones On School Property?

Yes We Should Ban Cell Phones

It seems like everyone has a cellphone these days . . . even kids! Since they’re a convenient way to stay in touch with parents and friends, students are bringing their phones to school as well. However there are concerns about how some students are using the phones on school property.

Some cell phones are also valuable items and could get lost in school. Students are discouraged from bringing their expensive things to school like iPods and digital cameras. If a phone gets lost or stolen, it might be blamed on the school.

For example, parents want kids to have cell phones in school for emergencies but people don’t think this is necessary. If kids need to call home, there are phones in the school office to call home.

Another reason is that students will be tempted to play and call their friends, and they would not know what to do when they're sent off for reading, writing, math, language, or science. If they bring any electronics to school they will get in serious trouble. Why? Because teachers have eyes behind their heads.

Should Students Carry Cell Phones at School?

No We Shouldn't Ban Cell Phones

Not everyone agrees that people should not have cell phones in school. People think we should have cell phones in school. People think schools should not ban the use of cellphones. cell phones can be used as a technical safety tool.

Some kids might need a cell phone to contact their parents in case of an emergency or some thing has come up for school that might make them late.

Also, if there is an emergency such as a fire the cell phone could be used to call 911. You could also phone your parents and let them know you’re safe.

Plus cell phones with internet could be use to look up information for the classes. Only if you don’t have enough computers for everyone or you don’t have access to the computer lab.

In conclusion, I think we shouldn’t have cell phones in school because they are a distraction to class when teachers is talking. Plus they can see if your eyes are not looking at the speaker. This is the reasons why I think we should ban cell phones in school property.

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