W-FL BOCES School Library System

September 2018

Wishing everyone a great start to the 2018-2019 school year!

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Please join us in welcoming new librarians to the region!

  • Brandie Rice: Red Jacket Elementary School & Red Jacket Education Center
  • Jennnifer Bay : Newark Elementary Schools
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NYLA/SSL Leadership Institute

This summer, librarians from across the W-FL region attended the NYLA/SSL Leadership Institute in Syracuse, NY. SLS sponsored conference attedance, which included a copy of the new AASL Standards book. Michelle Miller (Gorham-Middlesex) helped kick off the conference by sharing information and strategies to unpack the standards.

Stay tuned for an upcoming AASL standards workshop for W-FL librarians and admins and information from colleagues as they share what they learned! Conference pics below:

SLS Updates

Database Update:

  • SLS has updated database portals; we are asking that each school librarian complete this online form to check their portal: https://goo.gl/forms/ROFjkEr3FbXJDiO02
  • Please contact SLS if you'd like support in developing ways to implement digital resources in the library and in classrooms

Library Automation Update:

  • SLS has sucessfully launced five more districts in our Follett Destiny consortium: Canandaigua, Dundee, Honeoye, Sodus, Williamson! (12 districts total)
  • If your district is interested in moving to Destiny, please contact SLS to set up at time for an in-district migration consultation this fall!

Media Library Update:

  • SLS welcomes 2 new districts to the Media Library Coser: Canandaigua CSD & Williamson CSD (16 districts total)
  • SLS will be contacting Media Library librarians soon to add new titles to the shared OverDrive collection!

ILL Update:

  • Please remember to either "accept" or "deny" ILL requests in Five Systems as a professional courtesy
  • Please contact Sharon if you would like to borrow a book from a public or academic library or need Five Systems assistance

Upcoming PD opportunities:

Making a Collection Count: Sept 12

Make your collection count! This session talks about the overall quality of a library collection. This includes analyzing collection procedures, metrics, and the life cycle of a collection. We will also discuss how to "weed smart" by creating a weeding plan that staff and patrons will buy into, including ways to dispose of weeded materials properly and respectfully. Note: Attendees are invited to bring collection development/weeding policies for review

To register: https://bit.ly/2wsp5ux

G+ Applied Digital Skills: Sept 26 or Sept 27

All teachers and school librarians are invited to join us! Join us to learn how you can use the free Applied Digital Skills G Suite curriculum to help your students develop critical, job-ready digital skills that meet state standards. Educators who attend the training will all receive a Google Certificate of Completion.

To register (Newark): https://bit.ly/2N09iwE

To register (Leroy): https://bit.ly/2PkpaaN

Kick into OverDrive & Soar with Sora: Oct 3

If your district is part of the W-FL SLS Media Library, you and your students have access to thousands of digital audiobooks, eBooks and videos. See how easy it is to navigate the OverDrive digital collection, check out material, place holds, take notes, track progress, and share feedback … on any device, at any time. We’ll show you ways to integrate OverDrive material into your curriculum to support personalized learning. And we’ll explore Sora, OverDrive’s new reading app for students. Lunch will be provided for participants also attending the p.m. Learn360 session.

To register (media library districts): https://bit.ly/2PPWUxU

Move over, YouTube: Oct 3

YouTube is great, but is it always a teacher's best friend? Lesson plans that include quality video content can increase student engagement and deepen comprehension, as long as that content is carefully selected and strategically implemented. This session gives participants time to deeply explore the digital content and features of Learn360 Plus CVOD (Classroom Video on Demand). Participants will learn how to set up accounts; develop playlists; record and upload video introductions; form participant groups; and create assignments. Lunch will be provided for participants also attending the a.m. OverDrive/Sora session.

To register (media library districts): https://bit.ly/2LDcw4n

Barrier Busting @ Your Library: October 22

This workshop will provide a framework and guidelines for designing programs that meet the needs of all children by exploring the concepts of Universal Design, Multiple Intelligences and Culturally Relevant Education. Issues such as communication, behavior management, materials in alternate formats, assistive technology and inclusive play will be addressed. Make sure the library doors are open and that youth with disabilities are welcome here!

To register: https://bit.ly/2MXReTK

Raising Digital Citizens: Nov 1

This full-day session for school librarians is designed to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities involved in developing a Digital Citizenship plan. In addition to identifying applicable Standards crosswalks, we’ll look at professional learning resources that are freely available online; explore high-quality materials, such as Rosen Interactives, that support your instruction; and take a comprehensive, hands-on tour of the Common Sense Media Education© portfolio. By the end of the day, you will have completed several of the requirements toward earning your Common Sense Educator badge. Lunch will be provided.

To register: https://bit.ly/2NxNCVs

Upcoming Conferences:

SLS Contact Information

  • SLS Main Line: 315.332.2100
  • Katherine Hammill, SLS Director, 315.332.7236
  • Ryan Ayers, SLS Coordinator, 315.332.7231
  • Teresa Keyes, SLS Coordinator, 315.332.7241
  • Sharon Zadarlik, SLS Secretary, 315.332.7234
  • Sue Marcano, Library Automation, 315.332.7452