The Industrial Revolution

By Mason Spain

The industrial Revelution

The industrial revolution was a time when men where replaced by machines and the air was more polluted then ever. It was also the time when the child labor laws where created. During that time the cities where packed full because of all the farmers that left the rural areas in search of better jobs. The smell, food, and atmosphere was horrible. The streets were filled with raw sewage, manure and even beggars.

Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin which separates seeds from cotton and he invented interchangeable parts. Since he invented the cotton gin it made separating seeds from cotton faster so cotton products became more common. The effect of making interchangeable parts made manufacturing good easier and faster.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone which transmits speech. Because of the invention of the telephone people could communicate faster.

Dr. Richard Gatling

Dr. Richard Gatling created the Gatling gun one of the first versions of the machine gun. The result of the Gatling gun is it shoots faster and is a better war weapon then some other guns.

Child labor

Child labor reached new extremes during the industrial revolution. Children were hired in the place of adults because they could be payed much less. For that little pay they worked long hours in dangerous working conditions. Children were also useful because of their small size and they were easier to manage. Children had to put up with the work to support their families.

Assembly Line

A assembly line is a manufacturing process in which parts are added and the semi finished product moves from work station to work station until the product is finished. The assembly line makes it faster to produce a good. It also makes it where the people only need to know how to do one job. The assembly line was used when Henry Ford started his company. Today it is used all over the world.