Broadcst Technician

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The job of a broadcast technician

The main job of a Broadcast Technician is to check and maintain sound and picture of the broadcast.

The education required, Buisness hours and travel, and Average wage ranges

The education required for this job includes background in electronics and engineering. It also includes advanced algebra,Theater arts, and a associates degree.

On average a Broadcast technician works around 40 to 50 hours a week. Most jobs are done around town but on rare a cations they will travel long distance.

The national wage for a broadcast technician is $38,070. The average annual wage for Texas is $68,000. Last the average hourly wage is $29.00.

Future outlook


Overall being a broadcast technician has a relaxing job with lots of pay. Though the hours can be stressful, You may work for an entire day. You do not miss deadlines and always give full information.