Bulldog Counseling News

December 2020


This newsletter's purpose is to share events and information from the Counseling Department. Please contact your counselor should you need further or specific information.

Here is a link to our Bowie Counselors.

Final Exams Are Almost Here!

If you can believe it, there are only two weeks between Thanksgiving Break and finals! The counselors have put together some exam tips here.

Study Tips

  1. Give yourself enough time to study.
  2. Organize your study space.
  3. Create flowcharts and diagrams to explain concepts.
  4. Practice on old exams or quizzes.
  5. Explain answers or ideas to others.
  6. If you have to memorize, cover up the answer and say it out loud until you don't need to look at the answer anymore.
  7. Organize study groups with friends. Choose friends you can focus with.
  8. Take regular breaks.
  9. Snack on brain food.
  10. Plan your exam day ahead of time.

Credits and Final Exam Grades

The end of the semester is slowly sneaking up on us! We wanted to send a quick reminder about how credits are awarded to make sure you (or your student) meets graduation requirements. Credit is awarded on a semester basis, and it is an average of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd six-weeks grades as well as the final exam. Each category is weighted equally at 25%. We like to remind students that even if they have a bad six-weeks, they can still earn credit by boosting their other six-weeks grades and doing well on the final exam. For example, a 55, 75, and 75, for grading periods, with a 75 on the final, will average out to 70% for the semester! The semester average is the grade that goes on the high school transcript (thus the grade used for college applications).

Please keep this in mind during the 3rd six-weeks grading period and in preparation for finals. With finals coming up, make sure to check out the final exam schedule and the attendance incentives.

PSAT Reminder

Important Deadline! Wednesday, December 2nd is the last day to fill out the Google Form if you would like for your student to take the PSAT on campus at Bowie (please note: no action is needed if you do not want your student to participate). Students in 10th and 11th grade will take the PSAT on January 26th. The PSAT date for 9th graders has not been finalized but will be offered in late January. Please reference the email that was sent on Friday, November 20th, for more details

Vida Clinic Information

As a reminder, our school has a school-based mental health clinic, the Vida Clinic, that is staffed with fully licensed therapists. If you think you would benefit from talking with them, fill out the form at this link to get started.

Level Change Requests for Year Long Courses

If you would like to request a level change for the Spring semester for a year-long course, the level change request form will be available starting December 14th and due January 4th. The form will be available on the JBHS website, Bowie Community BLEND page, and Bowie Counseling Department BLEND page. The level change request window for semester long courses (AP US Government & AP Macroeconomics) will open February 15th-19th.

Reminder: Once the student fills out the form, the parent needs to email approval to their students alpha counselor. Please reach out to your counselor if you have any questions.

You can find a copy of the Advanced Course Acknowledgement form here which outlines the level change expectations and philosophy.
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Bowie Parent Academic Advising Night

Save the date! We are just beginning to plan for our course advising sessions for next school year! More information will be sent out about important scheduling deadlines, but we did want to invite all parents to our January 13th Bowie Parent Academic Advising Night, a virtual, evening event. We are planning to send out informational videos prior to this night, and we will host a live Q&A on January 13th to help answer questions about the different course options at Bowie. Stay tuned for specifics on this event as well future course advising sessions.