Digital Citizenship Project

Archer M. P.2

Digital Citizenship rules

1. Be nice when you post

2. Keep your passwords to your self

3. Don't answer to messages that you don't know

4. Don't tell any personal information like you name

5. Tell an adult if you get a mean post

6. When writing an essay or something you cant post what someone wrote, you need to tell who it came from

7. your allowed free use but don't just copy what someone wrote before you

Digital Citizenship Paragraph

Social networking safety

Digital Citizenship

I learned that you need to be respectful online and to others. I also learned that you need to keep your passwords and personal info to your self. Tell an adult or guardian if you are being cyber bullied. Don't just copy what other people don't want you to or that is called copy right and you can get in trouble by doing that.
Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online