M T S S / P B I S

Mid-Year Update

Hello wonderful SMCPS Family!

This newsletter includes information about upcoming due dates, team leader meetings, coaches' drop-in sessions, updates, and highlights from the year thus far. This school year has certainly brought its challenges but the PBIS/MTSS teams within our county have been getting creative. The work that is being done to support the learning environment on behalf of both students and staff is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work. While we are working apart, we remain connected.

Shout Outs and Cool Happenings

  • Staff Ideas

    • GKES: Staff Gratitude BINGO activities

    • RES: Fall Festival

    • DES: Staff Self-Care Calendar

    • LHS: Tuesdays Food Truck, Walk and Talk on Track with music, art projects

    • CHS Patti O’Day - Fiesta food, plants for their rooms, dance parties with music on loudspeakers

    • FCTC - Celebrated National Chocolate Day

  • Student Ideas

    • FCTC - Spirit weeks; positive postcards

    • LHS - Schoology badges that match school expectations

    • SRMS - Harrier of the Month visits and yard signs

    • LMS- Monthly Schoology badges

  • Engagement Tools/Ideas
    • https://wheelofnames.com/

    • Google Docs- allows teachers and students to see other students working on real-time which

    • Nearpod

    • "Chat bursts"- having students write their answers in the chat, but not hit enter until the teacher counts down.

    • Jamboard.

    • Reinforce participation (Ex. "I put stickers on my forehead when the kids participate. I tell them to pretend their forehead is my forehead because the sticker is really for them."

    • Whiteboard.

    • Breakout rooms for group work

    • Schoology Badges

    • GIMKIT Live

    • Interactive games where a camera is necessary like Pictionary or Sculptorades

    • Show and tell opportunities

    • Padlet

    • Kahoot

    • Prodigy

    • Opening class 3 minutes early with a google slide with a timer countdown to give kids a chance to talk before class begin

  • Ideas to Support Executive Function
    • Set up Schoology the same every day so the students know where to find things

    • Visual schedule

    • The weekly agenda posted as a banner in the Schoology course

    • Friday "round-ups" posted in Schoology Updates

General To-Dos

  • Continue to hold monthly PBIS/MTSS meetings
  • Create and use a matrix using your school-wide expectations for virtual learning and new safety procedures for in-person instruction
  • Complete the TFI midyear - This is a reflective self-eval completed just by your team.
  • PBIS schools - there will still be ways to apply for recognition. More information to come.
  • Spring TFIs will also be self-evaluated (More to come on this.)

Dates to Remember

Tier 2 Action Plans Due

Friday, Jan. 29th, 3:30pm

Upload to the Tier 2 Action Plan Folder, select your school

If you have not submitted your Tier 1 action plan, please do so ASAP.

Upcoming Team Leader Meeting Details

Tier 1 Team Leader Meeting: Feb. 11th @3:30 Via Zoom

Tier 2 Team Leader Meeting: Feb. 23rd @3:30 Via Zoom

Upcoming ((Free)) Webinars from PBIS MD

Webinar: Starting a New Semester: Supporting Classroom Systems February 17th 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Sign-up: https://sheppardpratt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcudO6vpz8uHtNBI-ezqKvo1MYwiXG96Dzd

Virtual Chat: Implementation Measurement and Action Planning Feb 24 9:00 AM

Sign-up: https://sheppardpratt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcvdeugpjkrHd18jNwQaFGT0uk5APPwcr4a

Webinar: Culturally Responsive Tiered Supports Mar 10 8:30 AM

Sign-up: https://sheppardpratt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAocOugqz8rHdXOb9MUemPKodzXp5yHwV_P

Virtual Chat: Engaging Staff in Providing Tier 3 Supports for Students Mar 24 1:00 PM

Sign-up: https://sheppardpratt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMvdOypqjIuE9dBwr2eWEkUlPQlxK7jsQwU

Find the recorded webinars and more resources from PBIS Maryland here:



Coaches' Corner:

Topic: Drop In Dates for the Remainder of the 20/21 SY

MTSS/PBIS Coaches are invited to join Chris and Ashley on the following dates:

February 26th Time TBD

March 12th, 9:00 AM

April 9th, 9:00 AM

May 14th, 9:00 AM

These drop-ins are optional and for your questions.

Meet Chris and Ashley

SMCPS MTSS/PBIS Co-Coordinators

Chris Grace -- chgrace@smcps.org

Ashley Beisel -- albeisel@smcps.org

Please reach out to Chris and Ashley with questions or concerns - or just to share something positive about your school's MTSS/PBIS! They are here and happy to help.