Most Interested Theatre Job

Thechnical Director

Tehchnical Director's Pay

A technical director pay level can range anywhere between 72,000 to 108,000 based off of education levels. On average technical director's salary is 91,000 dollars.

Responsibilities of A Technical Director

  • Supervises and assists contruction, lighting etc.
  • Assists with production budgets
  • Inforces safety
  • Designs, sets up, and maintains lighting
  • Fixes technical issues
  • Monitors condition of lighting and sound

Education required

Skills Needed

Coordination : Adjusting actions to flow smoothly

Time Management: Can keep track of time and not spend to much time on one thing

Decision Makeing: Considering the costs of equiment


  • New technology
  • Competition


  • More responsibility
  • Paid more
  • More freedom
  • Make your own decisions
  • Strong friendships form

Why I think I'd enjoy it

  • It seems fun to me
  • electrical's is fun to figure out
  • Seeing it all come together