Brodie Christiansen born 21 July 2003


My name is Brodie Thomas Christiansen.

My Dad's name is Wayne Christiansen.

My Mum's name is Shantell Christiansen.

My little brothers name is mason Wayne Christiansen

Jubilee Primary School Education

I go to Jubilee Primary School I have been hear since prep and I have know entered my last year at Jubilee I am in grade 6 2009-2015


I live at Avon Court QLD Gold Coast Pacific Pines

Something that effected me

The thing what effected me was when my mum died it has put a lot of pressure on me i whish she was hear every day. i made a poem it goes like this.

If roses grew in heaven lord pick a bunch for me place them in my mothers arms and put a kiss upon her cheek hold her for a while and tell her they are from me because remembering her is easy i do it every day but there is an ache within my heart where my mum will never go away.

I can say not having a mum does effect me a lot but my mum is keeping me strong i just got to be good for my mum. Rest in Peace mum


One day Brodie was on a motor bike at one of his dad's mate's from basketball I was in the backyard riding around Dad and his mate having a bear out the front as I am riding there are one trampoline that I have already crashed into and the fence so I thought it couldn't get any worse but as soon as you know it Brodie was being silly trying to go fast as possible than try to take a turn and SMASHED into a glass door i hopped of the motorbike with glass in my skin and I just ran and jumped the fence my dad comes running around and just yells BRODIE!!!! already I know im dead i have scratches all over me first he says is what happen I thought I told you to get your motorbike gear on. All I could say was I couldn't stop and the door was in my way. This was three years ago in New Zealand