Care for Cancer Kids

What is "CCK" (Care for Cancer Kids) ?

"CCK" is a non-profit organization via Olathe North High School that generates support and volunteer hours towards the Cancer Center at Childrens Mercy Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas.

What's Needed ??

This project only allows for a maximum of 10 students per trip.

As result of this, a list of what's needed is below.

1. 10 Olathe NorthVolunteer Students

2. Preferably 3 vehicles (provided by the students)

3. Approximately $7 per volunteer for lunch

Fundraising Plan

Because this first trip is a trial run, there will be no fundraising involved, however for trips to be pursued in the future we have a plan!

O.N "CCK" Bake Sale: On two Thursday's out of each month the participants of "CCK" will sell homemade baked goods over all four lunch periods.

O.N "CCK" Car Wash: The first Saturday of each month from August to November an April to May there will be a car wash held at the Hen House on Blackfoot Rd in Olathe, Kansas by the present "CCK" participants.


Organization Head- Makenzi McIntosh

For questions or information regarding possible trips or fundraising, see the contact info below.

Affecting Olathe North

A way this will impact our school and everyone around us is by, helping our community without getting anything in return. Showing that our school isn't just a school, but a family as well. By going to Children Mercy and volunteering to help out is a reward to us seeing their little smiles on their faces of happiness! Making them forget about their sadness for at least an hour without having to worry about what’s going to happen next. Letting them just be kids...


Makenzi McIntosh

Nikki Hurla

Jesse Kendricks

Ashley McDonald

Jonah Carlin

Yarima Llamas

Lizette Montoya

Yaritzi Fuentez

Joshua Moore

Seth Horn


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