By: Wesley Drake, 9/23/14


The Karankawas ate fish, berries and other sea animals.


These Indians lived in wood framed houses. They lived near the gulf coast.


The Karankawas wore animal clothes.


There government consists of one chief Indian that leads the tribe. He decides whether to leave the location or have the tribe stay there. They were nomads so they USUALLY move from place to place.
The Karankawas traded the Coahuiltecans for goods.
They were the most athletic of all the Indians, they could run and swim better than all the other Indians.


Before the Europeans came, the Karankawas lived in wood framed homes with animals skins and moved all the time. They caught fish for food and found berries. When the Europeans came the diseases wiped the Karankawas out
The Karankawas were wiped out by European diseases, the last of them were gone in the 1800's.