School Required Vaccinations

by: Emma Carpenter and Janice Yoo

Should school children be required to get mandatory vaccines?

Yes. There are many benefits to getting all the required vaccines that override the minimal benefits provided by not getting the vaccines. Vaccines, which provide artificially acquired immunity, are an easier and less risky way to become immune to a disease. They contribute in preventing a disease from occurring in the first place, rather than attempting to cure it after the fact. Vaccines not only prevent an individual from developing a potentially serious disease but also help to protect an entire community by reducing the spread of infectious agents.

Vaccines also save money. It is much cheaper to get a vaccine than to treat a disease.

Reason 1: Cost

Getting the vaccinations will only cost around $80-$120 at the most, and might even be covered by insurance plans for most people. By not having your child get these vaccinations, you will have to pay for medicine for your child to get better, doctors appointments, and other treatment options that will add up to be more than just simply getting the vaccine.

Reason 2: Protection

97% of kids will develop immunity against chicken pox when given the Varicella Zoster Virus Vaccinations and will never get it again in their lifetime. Chicken pox is very easy to catch and even causes up to 100 deaths a year. Protect your child and prevent against the Chicken Pox before they even catch it.

Reason 3: Stopping the Spread

By just one child getting this vaccination, it protects large amounts of people from also catching this disease. If everyone teams in and gives their child this vaccination, everyone will be virtually surrounded by a barrier from the Chicken Pox because it is not possible for it to spread anywhere due to the immunity of everyone.