Come to Texas

karen beck

Land of Paradise

Escape your debt and find a new life for you and your family! Low taxes, mild climate and a chance to start over await you! Lots of adventure awaits you in Texas so abandon your dreary, troublesome home in the U.S. and cheerily hop right over the border into amazing Texas!

lots of land

Used to land at 1.25 dollars per acre?

Well we've got rich, fertile land at just 12.5 cents per acre!

177 acres for farmers

4428 acres for cattle raisers

come and get it!

Texas Land is rich and fertile, perfect for farming and ranching, There are mines, pristine lakes and green prairies

what are you waiting for?

Just a few simple steps

All you have to do to take part in this fantastic opportunity is

  1. Become a Catholic
  2. Follow Mexican laws
  3. Become a Mexican citizen
Just these few easy steps and you are on your way to Texas!