L33T Avaliable Jobs

By Callum Vine

Capgemini - Graduate Software Developer


1 Avenue Rd,


B6 4DU

T. +44 (0) 330 588 8000

Capgemini are looking for a Graduate Software Developer to join the Software Development team.

Specific Attribute Required

A 2:2 degree or above in computer science is required to join the team. This shows to us that you will have the sufficient knowledge in Computing and Computer Science that will enable you to effectively fit in with the rest of the team and able to assist them on the ongoing projects that are available. This will enable you to have an understanding of the software we are using and have the sufficient knowledge to be able to work with the rest of the team to get tasks completed to our high quality standard.

General Attribute Required

You will be required to have good and high quality problem solving skills so that you will be able to solve problems to complex and business critical issues effectively and to a high standard, this will then allow for development of solutions and ideas that you have come up with so that the rest of the team can input their ideas to find a correct and effective solution to the issue that is best for both the company and its customers.

Attitude or Soft Skill Required

You will also be required to be open minded so that you will be able to challenge some of the ideas that the software team has created and also be pre-paired to have your own ideas questioned and challenged so that the team can develop and improve its ideas so that the best possible solution can be developed. This also means that you will be able to contribute to group discussions and provide effective feedback to help the team develop its ideas.


IT Contact - 2nd Line Support Engineer

IT Contact

36 Harborne Rd,


B15 3AF

IT contact are looking for a 2nd Line Support Engineer to join the support team.

Specific Attribute Required

You will be required to have earned a full and clean driving licence with no penalty points. This will be required as the company often sends its engineers out on site to customer clients, providing onsite support and training to the customer that provides a professional and personal customer experience. This means that your licence must be free of all penalty points so that you are able to drive under a company car in a safe manor whilst being complaint with the laws.

General Attribute Required

You will also be required to be an effective communicator as you will need to communicate effectively and efficiently with the other members of the support team to be able to obtain their knowledge and solve any issues that a customer may have. This effective communication is also important as you will need to communicate with the customer effectively so that they will be able to understand the advice and support you provide to solve their issue.

Attitude or Soft Skill Required

You will also be required to be and act professional, this means representing the company showing its high standards that the employees must live up to. This involves the manner in which you act onsite and also on the telephone or in online support sessions so that the customer feels respected by the company and gets the response and output that they desire. Showing you professionalism is an import part of the company as it will show that your are a dedicated employee and will show to managers why you are a valuable asset.