Hurricane Hugo

Hugo, September 1989

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is described as a spiraling giant that brings mass destruction. A hurricane's damage can cost anywhere from thousands to billions of dollars after it sweeps through an area. Hurricanes can get up to 160 miles per hour and can produce up to 2.4 trillion gallons a day! Many people can lose their lives because of a hurricane.

(If you look above, there is a photo of the path of Hugo. As you can see it went through more water than land.)

Hurricanes are categorized by their wind speed and force. They are put in categories by numbers, 1 through 5, 1 being the least powerful and five being the worst. A hurricane starts to form over tropical oceans, normally around 85% or warmer. They normally start out as tropical storms and then transform into a hurricane after a couple of days or so, but not always.

Studying Hugo

Hi I'm Ciera, and I'm studying hurricane Hugo. It's not the largest hurricane in the world but it has brought mass destruction and has killed many people in the process. This particular hurricane was first detected on the coast of Africa on September 9, 1989. Well technically that's where it started. It was a tropical storm then. As it mover west, it started to creep upon the U.S, blowing winds and bringing storms and fear.

(If you look to your right, you see a satellite picture of hurricane Hugo. Hurricane Hugo in this image is hitting the islands of Cape Verde.)

First the hurricane hit the Leeward Islands on the 18th of September 1989. Then Hugo hit Puerto Rico on the 19th. Finally Hugo made landfall north of Charleston S.C on the 22nd. It slowed down as it made its way to the southeastern part of Canada on the 23rd. Hugo's max speed was 104 mile per hour winds and 120 mile per hour gusts making that the highest wind reports from the Caribbean up to date. Hurricane Hugo was the killer of 45 people and brought families to their knees with tears for they have lost their loved ones.

So in conclusion of my story,if there is ever a hurricane watch or warning, please stay safe. be prepared for the worst. Wishes don't always happen.

Ciera Burton November 18,19, and 20 2012

Big image
  • This is an image of damage.
  • Caused by Hurricane Hugo.
  • Hurricanes can completely demolish towns cities and even states.