Springfield Middle School

Academic Boosters 2016

Our Mission

The SMS Academic Boosters are a support group to encourage parent and student participation and to raise funds to enhance and expand the Academic, Social and various programs that are available to each individual student at Springfield Middle School. The Academic Boosters feel strongly that parent involvement during school years can be a key to the success of the individual student, school and community.

Meeting Notes

Present: Cheri Casper, Mandy Sargeont, Leah Sellers, Sharon Seed, Becky Iserman, Michelle Serr, Julie Cubberly, Barb Eckhart, Karli Vercellotti, Vanessa Meyer, Janet White, Rachel Geiger, Jeff Pendry

Meeting called @ 7:00 pm

Old Business - No old business since it was our first meeting

Treasurer's Report: Mandy Sargeont moved to accept treasurer's report, Vanessa Meyer seconded, motion passed.

New Business:

  • Mr. Pendry talked about recent threat made on school, wanted parents to know that the students are safe, police presence are still in school and the police are handling their investigation. No further information has been given to school since this is a police investigation.
  • Mr. Pendry called with the school board about Anti-Bullying request, the school follows up on issues reported, and stated all kids are entitled to their educational rights, he himself can only go as far as suspending a student for 10 days when issues arise anything beyond that has to be handled by the board.
  • Mr. Pendry talked about the incentive programs to support positive and success card drawings that the teachers hand out to students. Due to recent issues with other school district employees, the schools are no longer allowed to purchase incentives themselves because as a public entity schools cannot give out gifts. Academic Boosters agreed to help with incentives. We are looking for volunteers to help with this program.
  • A Fundraising Meeting has been set for Wednesday April 13th @ 7:00 in the media center, we will meet with different fundraising representatives and decide what works best for SMS. If you have any ideas of a fun successful fundraising idea, please advise Cheri Casper via e-mail caspermayerfamily@yahoo.com so they can be contacted and added to this schedule. In your e-mail please reference SMS Fundraiser so she is aware it is not SPAM.
  • Looking to do a SMS Perfect Event (Dude Perfect/SMS Style) trying to have it in April or May, looking for volunteers to help organize, contact Cheri Casper if interested in helping. This will be a fun event, so get involved!
  • Looking to do a 5th grade mixer to help future student and parents to get familiar and comfortable with SMS, looking for volunteers to help, contact Cheri Casper if interested in assisting.
  • Janet White and Mr. Pendry talked about doing a SMS Run for either the students or runners, they will look into different races contact them with any ideas or if interested in helping organize.
  • Karli Vercellotti talked about the current fundraiser Mixed Bags we had samples to show. SMS will get 40% from all sales. We are looking for someone to input all paper orders online to give us an extra 5% back, if you are interested in helping please contact Cheri Casper. Please communicate with friends and family personally and on social media, sale ends March 16th.
  • Becky Iserman is looking into SkyZone Fun Nights they will give 25% to the group but need a minimum of 50 people.
  • Loma Linda's is doing a glass painting class on Monday March 21st 6:30-9:00 cost is $45, includes 2 glasses to paint, 2 beverage tickets and appetizers, mention SMS and they will give $5.00 per Springfield Attendee to the Academic Boosters – class is full.
  • 8th Grade Sock Hop will be in May looking for volunteers to help organize, this will be an after school event, please contact Cheri Casper.
  • Parents approved to purchase a water cooler for the teachers up to $300, Michelle Serr will call around for pricing. Update from Michelle, cost of purchasing rather than renting is better for SMS at this time, therefore we will be purchasing for our teachers.
  • Kroger points, if link your Kroger card online with SMS Krogers will give the school a percentage back, we just deposited a check for over $300 from Krogers! Please re-register in April, its free money for our kids!
  • Keep sending in Box Tops (Academic Boosters has made over $700 on these this year and look to increase that amount next year).
  • 6th grade teams are collecting bottle caps for a child for Special Olympics.
  • Penny wars in full blast at SMS to benefit the Leukemia Society.
  • SMS will be collecting pop tabs to go to the Ronald McDonald House.
  • 6th grade teams are looking for volunteers on March 21st and 22nd starting @ 7:30 am


We realize your time is precious and appreciate any time that you volunteer at SMS. We are in need of some assistance as noted above, if you are interested, please contact Cheri Casper @ caspermayerfamily@yahoo.com (please put in the subject, VOLUNTEER so I don't delete you as spam)