North East Oklahoma

By: Hunter Heddin

The discovery of oil in Ardmore.

In North East Oklahoma the 1913s oil diggers found a stop where there was rich oil, they called the land Ardmore, and started looking for more oil in the land.

North East Oklahoma

Thursday, Sep. 12th 2013 at 12am

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Ardmore, OK

Oklahoma look like a foam finger, and was as long 69,960 sq miles long.

The Nickel

The U.S issued out the nickel, the nickel's head had an imprint of an indian's head, and on the back it had an buffalo.

Gordon Lillie

During the 1913s Gordon Lillie and his wife travel the world with their wild west show. As they traveled the world they grow bigger and bigger by combining their show with others.

The OSU stadium

In the 1913s the OSU stadium was built and named.